We’re really excited to share this study guide with you today, especially since so many people have been asking about it! As we were preparing to share this new study guide–written to support you as you dig into Shifting the Balance: 6 Ways to Bring the Science of Reading into the Upper Elementary Classroom, which we co-authored with Katie Egan Cunningham–we really thought about all the reasons a study guide is helpful.

So, here are our TOP 10 reasons to use a study guide to explore the Shifting the Balance books with trusted colleagues (drumroll please!):

#10: Serves as a reflective partner as you work through the book.
#9: Gives you a place to capture your thinking as you read and reflect.
#8: Acts as a pacing guide or a framework for working through the book.
#7: Provides a fully developed PD path, from discussion prompts to the next steps.
#6: Offers a springboard for extending the ideas in a book.
#5: Deepens comprehension through discussion and writing.
#4: Provides groups with a sense of connection on the journey.
#3: Elevates reading and processing through group accountability.
#2: Makes it fun and easy to dig in while keeping everyone on track.
#1: Pairs well with chocolate.

The study guides are an invitation to reflect,

to examine and to explore as you read

either Shifting the Balance book.

And there’s even more on the book study tab at TheSixShifts.com, including:

📚The K-2 Study Guide (for teachers of beginning readers in any grade),

📚The (NEW) 3-5 Study Guide (for teachers of developing readers of any grade),

📚Book study welcome videos.

📚Links to podcast episodes related to each of the six shifts in each book (12 shifts in all) and

📚 Two author-guided tours of the structure of the books, which can be used for either book since they have the same structure.

And if you want PD support that is even more customized, you can read about other options here.

Take Me To The Book Study Supports!

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