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Welcome Videos – You’re Doing a Book Study!

In these videos we welcome book study participants, provide encouragement for the work ahead, and highlight the resources we’ve created to support your study.

Shifting the Balance Study Guides

Whether you’re doing a deep dive into the book on your own, reading with the teacher next door, or participating in a formal book club, these guides are for you. Download, print, and tuck this tool inside your notebook as a helpful companion for your journey.

An Author Guided Peek Inside the Books

Both books have the same structure! In these videos we walk you through the structure of a Shifting the Balance books, helping you understand the intentional design, which will make your reading and/or book club experience more meaningful.

Shifting the Balance Podcast Series

In each of the podcast series we share a bit about the journey that led us to write each of the Shifting the Balance books, address misconceptions that have discouraged educators from incorporating the science of reading into the K-5 elementary classrooms, and encourage courageous actions toward brighter outcomes for all K-5 students.

You can listen here or find this series on your favorite platform to listen to podcasts.