We think every day is the right day to celebrate the work of educators. So, for every single teacher committed to making our schools better places for kids, this one’s for you.

Today, we celebrate educators.

We celebrate those committed to finding more ways to make learning easier – not harder – for the children they serve.

We celebrate those who have the courage to loosen their grip on certainty and dogmatism in order to make more space for curiosity in their professional lives.

We celebrate those who are brave enough to show their own vulnerability rather than hide behind a wall of defensiveness or judgment.

We celebrate those who believe children are the best road map to decision-making in the classroom.

We celebrate those who recognize that every child is ready, just not for the same thing at the same time.

We celebrate the daring of those who exist in that clumsy space between innovation and exploration, fighting the urge to run back to the comfort zone of “how we’ve always done it.”

We celebrate the humility of those who dare to admit they simply don’t know what to do or have gotten some things wrong in the past.

We celebrate the generosity of those who offer a colleague in need a kind word, a bit of humor, a tip from a hard-earned experience, or simply a listening ear.

We celebrate the patience and grace it requires to believe in each other despite all of our differences and imperfections.

We celebrate brand new teachers who keep reaching out, coming back, and taking the next step despite the overwhelm of those tumultuous early years.

We celebrate veteran teachers who maintain a reflective practice and a growth mindset, no matter how long they’ve been in the classroom.

We celebrate those that find the courage for honest conversations, no matter how awkward or uncomfortable, so that they may better understand and support each other.

We celebrate the power of collaboration for making every one of us a reflection of the greater community we exist in. We truly need each other.

We celebrate those who embrace this interconnected digital age by creating networks for professional learning across the country and even the globe.

We celebrate those who have adopted a ritual of gratitude in their practice, taking time to acknowledge the many people, places, and things that make their teaching lives more gratifying.

We celebrate those who are strong enough to stand up to negativity, sabotage, and unproductive complaining within their systems.

We celebrate those who manage to find the humor in pretty much anything and bring the fun even when the work is challenging.

We celebrate the sense of urgency with which you undertake your work and your relentless commitment to finding a way to know the children in front of you as readers and as people.

We celebrate you for making the lives of children more joyful and just. 

Today, we celebrate you.

Jan and Kari ❤️

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