In a fast-paced and over-scheduled life, finding any margin between the activities that begin when your alarm goes off in the morning and end when you lay your head back down on the pillow at night can feel almost impossible!

If you’re like us, you probably wish you had more time to learn about how to make learning to read easier for children.

Well, we have an idea for you… (drum roll please): Take us with you!

You can listen to our mini-podcast series and stretch your mind while you stretch your body, wash dishes, or drive your kids to ball practice.

In our seven-episode podcast series, we introduce you to the six big topics in our book, Shifting the Balance

      1. Rethinking How Reading Comprehension Begins 
      2. Recommitting to Phonemic Awareness
      3. Reimagining the Way We Teach Phonics
      4. Revisiting High-Frequency Word Instruction 
      5. Reinventing the Ways We Use MSV
      6. Reconsidering Texts for Beginning Readers 

We also offer examples of common misunderstandings about each of these topics. These misunderstandings are mostly based on “outside-in” approaches to reading instruction, rather than on inside-out approaches that consider how the brain actually learns to read.

And as a bonus, each podcast gives you practical suggestions for high-leverage routines you can put into place with kids tomorrow and make learning to read easier, rather than harder, for children.

You can access the podcast series here, on YouTube, or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

Wherever you’re going today, we’d love to go with you! 

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